Braum Breakfast Menu

Braum Breakfast Menu Delights: Savory Starts to Your Day!

Braum’s Breakfast Menu offers a variety of hearty options. Favorites include the Big Country Breakfast and the Bagel Omelette Sandwich.

Exploring Braum’s Breakfast Menu uncovers a trove of morning delights designed to cater to diverse tastes and hunger levels. From the classic breakfast staples such as biscuits & gravy and hotcakes to unique offerings like the California Bagel Omelette, Braum’s provides a comforting and energy-boosting start to the day.

The array is impressive, embracing everything from lighter choices like oatmeal and fresh fruit to substantial meals that include scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and hash browns. Their dedication to freshness ensures that each dish is not only tasty but also crafted with high-quality ingredients, making Braum’s Breakfast Menu popular among morning enthusiasts seeking a satisfying and delicious meal to kickstart their busy day.

Braum’s Breakfast Legacy

Braum’s Breakfast Legacy traces back to a family’s passion for quality and freshness. Distinguished by its farm-to-table approach, Braum’s excels with a commitment to serve only the finest ingredients. Their widespread popularity begins with morning offerings that include freshly-baked pastries, hearty platters, and signature items.

It’s not just about the food on the plate; Braum’s captures the essence of a homey experience. Guests favor its options for the satisfaction of diverse palates. Kids love the stacks of pancakes drenched in syrup, while adults appreciate the high-quality coffee paired with a range of breakfast sandwiches. This junction of taste and tradition sets Braum’s apart as a true breakfast haven.

Braum Breakfast Menu Delights: Savory Starts to Your Day!

The Farm-fresh Advantage

Braum’s Breakfast Menu delights with farm-fresh ingredients. Each meal starts with the finest produce. Dairy products come straight from Braum’s own farms. This means eggs are fresher, and milk is creamier. Tables boast locally sourced fruits and vegetables. This guarantees a fresh and healthy breakfast. Our high-quality, natural ingredients elevate every dish. This sets Braum’s apart. Trust in a breakfast that’s both tasty and nutritious.

Braum’s Signature Breakfast Items

Braum’s Breakfast Menu boasts the unique Famous Bag of Burgers, perfect for those craving a twist in their morning routine. These mini burgers come loaded with a fresh breakfast spin. Flavorful sausage patties, eggs, and melty cheese are sandwiched between soft buns.

The Biscuits and Gravy dish salutes southern heritage with a rich and hearty taste. Warm, fluffy biscuits drenched in creamy, peppered gravy create a filling start to the day. It’s a beloved choice among regulars.

Braum Breakfast Menu Delights: Savory Starts to Your Day!

Healthful Selections

Braum’s Breakfast Menu boasts options that balance taste and health. Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Parfait is one such delight. It melds creamy yogurt with vibrant fruit layers. Berries, granola, and a drizzle of honey add texture and sweetness. This choice is rich in vitamins and low in fat.

Oatmeal is a warm, comforting option. It pairs well with brown sugar, cinnamon, or fruit. For those counting calories, oatmeal is a wise pick. Freshly Made Smoothies are packed with fruit goodness. They are ideal for breakfast on the go. Customizable options allow for low-calorie tweaks. Additions like spinach or kale boost the nutrient quotient.

Combos And Platters

The Big Country Breakfast Combo promises to satisfy the heartiest appetites. It features traditional favorites like scrambled eggs, signature sausage, and crispy bacon. Guests also enjoy golden hash browns and a choice of bread.

The Pancake Platter is a popular pick for those who love something sweet. This dish boasts three large, fluffy pancakes with a side of syrup. For a perfect meal, add a dollop of butter and your favorite toppings.

Braum’s Bakery Delights

Braum’s Bakery is a treasure trove of fresh-baked bread. The shelves overflow with a variety of options. Their artisan loaves and classic rolls are perfect for any meal.

Croissants and pastries bring a European touch to the breakfast table. Each pastry is buttery and flaky, crafted with precision. Delight in the sweet and savory options that tempt the taste buds every morning.

Bread Type Description
Artisan Loaves Perfect crust with a soft inside.
Classic Rolls Soft, versatile, and fresh.
Croissants Buttery layers of French elegance.
Pastries Sweet, savory, a delightful start.

Beverages To Perk Up Your Morning

Braum’s Breakfast Menu offers a variety of beverages to start your day. Freshly brewed coffee is a must for many, with options that cater to every taste. Choices range from rich espresso to smooth cappuccinos, and classic Americano. Keep it simple with a standard black coffee or add a splash of cream for a milder flavor. Sweet lattes and foamy macchiatos are also on the menu, perfect for those who like a little sugar with their caffeine.

Juices and milk are also available, providing a fresh and nutritious boost. Orange juice, apple juice, and milk come packed with vitamins essential for a morning surge. Chocolate milk is a treat for all ages, combining nutrition with a touch of sweetness.

Coffee Type Description
Espresso Strong and bold
Cappuccino Creamy with froth
Americano Smooth and mild
Latte Sweet and milky
Macchiato Foamy with a touch of sweetness
Braum Breakfast Menu Delights: Savory Starts to Your Day!

Kid’s Breakfast Menu

The Braum Breakfast Menu delights kids with fun and wholesome meals. A favorite choice is Milk and Cookies. This morning treat combines creamy milk with crunchy cookies to kickstart the day. Each cookie is packed with chocolate chips or playful sprinkles. Kids love the taste, and parents appreciate the high-quality ingredients.

Little ones can savor their milk with a straw. They’ll get a sweet and nutritious beginning to their adventure-filled day. Braum’s ensures every breakfast is not just delicious but also healthy for growing children.

Seasonal Specials And Limited Offers

Braum’s Breakfast Menu often brings excitement with holiday-inspired treats. These seasonal specials feature unique flavors that celebrate the holidays. Guests can enjoy a range of limited offers that change throughout the year.

The morning line-up has introduced new delights, ensuring a perfect start to any day. The latest menu additions promise to tantalize taste buds and add a dash of joy to your morning routine. From savory to sweet, these options are crafted to please every palate.

  • Pumpkin Spice Pancakes: Fluffy pancakes with a hint of fall.
  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate: A warm, festive twist on a classic favorite.
  • Gingerbread Bagels: Perfectly baked with a touch of spice.

Navigating The Nutritional Landscape

Choosing a breakfast can be like a puzzle. Yummy options are often not so good for us. A croissant might tempt you, but it’s full of butter. Eggs and toast? Better, but watch the butter!

Many folks enjoy pancakes with syrup. But those are high in sugar. Think about adding fruit instead. It’s sweet and much better for you.

Remember, your morning meal gives you energy for the day. Choose wisely and you’ll feel great. Look for whole grains and low-fat proteins. These will keep you full and focused.

  • Oatmeal with berries – a warm, filling choice.
  • Yogurt with nuts – tasty and powers your brain.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Braum Breakfast Menu

How Many Calories Are In A Braum’s Breakfast Burrito?

A Braum’s breakfast burrito contains approximately 655 calories. This nutritional value can vary based on specific ingredients and portion sizes.

How Many Calories Are In A Big Country Breakfast From Braum’s?

The Big Country Breakfast from Braum’s contains approximately 740 to 910 calories, depending on specific menu options selected.

Does Braum’s Have Biscuits And Gravy?

Yes, Braum’s offers biscuits and gravy as part of their breakfast menu. They serve a warm, savory gravy over fresh-baked biscuits.

How Many Carbs Are In Braum’s Biscuits And Gravy?

Braum’s Biscuits and Gravy contain approximately 46 grams of carbohydrates per serving. For precise nutritional information, visit Braum’s official website or contact their customer service.


Wrapping up, Braum’s breakfast menu offers a delightful array of choices to kick-start your day. From savory sandwiches to sweet treats, there’s something to satisfy any morning craving. Whether you’re on-the-go or enjoying a leisurely meal, make Braum’s your breakfast destination.

Indulge in the freshness and flavor tomorrow morning!


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